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The four choirs and orchestra of Camarata Music – The Chorale, Chamber Singers, Youth Choirs, and Chamber Orchestra, comprise one of the most diverse international music organizations worldwide, with 103 represented countries from 6 continents.​


Camarata Music is committed to providing music opportunities and experiences for everyone, no matter their skill level.  It is our mission to prove that everyone can sing, regardless of experience, with the correct instruction.  By doing so, Camarata Music brings together a family of musicians, all striving for the same common goal: to experience music at the highest levels, together with friends from all over the globe.

카마라타 뮤직은 실력과 무관하게 모든 사람에게 음악을 경험할 기회를 제공합니다. 저희는 올바른 지도와 함께한다면모든 사람들이 노래할 수 있다고 믿습니다. 그 과정에서 카마라타 뮤직은 “온 세상의 친구들과 함께 최고의 음악을 경험하기”라는 공통의 목표를 공유하는, 마치 가족과도 같은 음악인 공동체를 만들어가고 있습니다. 


The Camarata Music Company is a registered non-profit organization that creates global communities through the universal language of music, by providing collaborative performance opportunities for musicians of all nationalities residing in Korea. Led by conductor and artistin director, Dr. Ryan Goessl, the organization presents opportunities for the public to hear classical music performed by people from many different cultures and nationalities. 101 countries from 6 continents have been represented since 2009.

카마라타 코랄은 연 3회, 카마라타 챔버 싱어즈는 연 2회의 정기공연을 올리고 있습니다. 매 정기공연은 인류의 음악적 다양성을표현하고자 하는 기획의도를 담고 있으며, 시대적으로도, 지리적으로도 다양한 언어와 문화권의 작품들을 무대에 올리는 것을목표로 합니다. 


Dr. Goessl works very closely with all the leaders and volunteers in the organization to achieve the goal of creating high-level artistry, while experiencing the beauty and friendships created in preparation.   He collaborates regularly with top conductors and musicians in Korea, and abroad, regularly lectures on various music topics at conventions and festivals, and collaborates often with other musicians and ensembles.  These experiences further the mission of Camarata Music: 

Creating Global Communities Through the Universal Language of Music.  

지금까지 카마라타의 공연들은 클래식, 현대음악, 위촉작품을 넘나들며 합창음악의 창조성과 다양성을 강화하는데 기여했습니다. 레퍼토리뿐만 아니라 합창단의 인적구성에서도 배경, 종족, 문화를 가리지 않고 모든 사람들에게 열려있는 합창단을 지향하면서, 문화와 언어의 장벽을 초월하는 합창문화를 선도하고자 합니다. 

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Camarata Music prides itself by providing an avenue for all to sing and perform, from the shower-singer to the professional.  It is the mission of Camarata Music to show that with the right instruction, that all can sing, and at a high-level.

2015 Handel Messiah, "Hallelujah"

Dr. Ryan Goessl - Conductor

Camarata Chorale

Camarata Chamber Orchestra

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