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President of the Board - Andreas Harbauer

Andreas is German and comes with almost 20 years of management and leadership experience in the healthcare- and medical devices industry. Specialized in Sales, Marketing & Services he is a successful entrepreneur and internationally versed leader of intercultural teams with focus on long-term strategic planning and sustainability.

Since almost 13 years he and his family are living in Asia, amongst others in Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. In 2015 they relocated to Seoul and fell in love with this vibrant city, the Korean people and the Camarata Music Company. Andreas’ journey with Camarata started with tenor voice lessons, before he became a member of the Camarata Chamber Singers and finally even joined the BOD as President.

From the very first, Andreas felt truly inspired by CMCs mission “Creating Global Communities Through the Universal Language of Music!”and in the meantime his entire family is engaged in the organization with highest passion. His own passion for music stems from years of playing piano, percussion and singing in several bands. His encounter with Camarata lifted this passion to a new level and with his expertise in business and management, he wants to give his utmost support to the organization to achieve highest recognition and success in the music community of Korea and beyond.

At-Large Board Member - YounSook Kim

Youn brings to Camarata her rich experience in business and in music. As a successful restaurateur, hotelier and businesswoman, Youn has developed and honed the interpersonal skills necessary to interact and foster positive relations with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Youn holds an undergraduate degree in costume and fashion design, and in more than a decade of singing with groups in the Seoul area, including completion of a course of study in Korean vocal music, Youn has deepened her love of music and group performance, while meeting and building friendships with singers from many countries, as well as prominent figures in the Korean arts community. 

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