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Camarata Music does everything that it can to give back to the community.  From our "Helping Hands"  and "Gift From the Heart" programs, which collects food, gifts, and donations for less-fortunate families, to providing concerts for fundraisers, social welfare events, and rounding off with a soon to come cultural program for less-fortunate children, we do everything we can to make sure those most in need live more comfortably, and have access to quality music, music education, and their daily needs.

Helping Hands and A Gift From the Heart, 2020-2021

Partnering together with the Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul, Camarata Music's "Helping Hands" and "A Gift From the Heart" programs have been a great success so far this 2021 year.  With the effects of COVID-19 hitting everyone, including Camarata Music as well, very hard, we set out to establish these programs in order to make sure that those most in need would have ample food, clothing and other basic necessities available to them at this hard time.  


Helping Hands, which supports food and support for these families, was able to sponsor a family that has seven children, and of which both parents are not able to work.  Through donations and a food drive, which included partnering up with local businesses in Haebangchon, Yongsan-gu, we were able to collect enough non-perishable food for this family for the next two months, along with procuring donations from many restaurants to make sure this family will never need to be hungry.  We have also established, through monetary donations, a small endowment for this family, so social workers can take them to local markets to purchase the necessities that they need.  

With our "Gift From the Heart" program, which was partnered with the Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul, we were able to collect more than 200 Christmas presents for Seoul area children whose families are most in need. Every child should be able to experience the magic and joy of the holiday season, and together with our wonderful partners at the Four Seasons Hotel, we were able to make that a reality this year!

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