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Camarata Virtual Music Academy

​카마라타 뮤직 아카데미

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(All Friends & Founders (F&F) payments can be tax-deductible in Korea)
Karen Brunssen Lecture   
The Camarata Music Academy is getting set to launch!  We are very excited to bring you the best music content possible!

카마라타 뮤직 아카데미가 곧 시작됩니다. 우리는 최고의 음악 컨텐츠를 여러분에게 제공할 수 있어서 매우 기쁩니다.

The Academy will consist of lectures from professional and famous musicians and teachers, "fireside" discussions with musicians and each other, masterclasses with music professionals and students who will sing for them, mini-vocal lessons provided by Dr. Goessl and colleagues, and live music performances of all music varieties, from classical and musical theatre to rock and jazz, and everywhere in between.

아카데미는 전문인이면서 유명한 음악인과 선생님들의 강의, 음악인들과 함께하는 “노변” 토론, 음악 전문인들과 함께 노래하는 학생들의 마스터 클래스, 게슬 박사와 동료들의 소규모 성악 레슨, 클래식에서 뮤지컬과 락, 재즈 등 모든 음악 장르의 실황 음악 공연 등으로 구성될 것입니다.

To register for the Camarata Music Academy, please visit:  The fee is 40,000 won ($40USD) per month, and all funds support Camarata Music's expenses during these tough times.

카마라타 음악 아카데미에 등록하시려면, 에 방문하세요. 회비는 한달에 40,000원( 40 미국 달러)이며 이는 모두 지금의 어려운 시간동안에 카마라타 뮤직의 경비 지출을 충당하는데 쓰일 것입니다.

** As an incentive to everyone, the informational session, along with the first lecture by world-renowned teacher and voice scholar, Karen Brunssen, will be free of charge. ** 

** 여러분 모두가 참여하기 바라며, 소개 수업과 세계적으로 유명한 선생님이며 성악 분야의 학자인 카렌 브룬쎈의 첫번째 강의는 무료로 제공될 것입니다. **



Camarata Virtual Music Academy June, 2021 Schedule:


Thursday, June 10, 9:00 PM Korea Standard Time – Fireside Chat

  • Topic: What does music mean to you? What is the role of music in your life?


Saturday, June 12, 11:00 AM Korea Standard Time – Live Lesson with Dr. Goessl

  • Breath Control and Support: The Basics to a Healthy Voice


Thursday, June 17, 9:00 PM Korea Standard Time – Fireside Chat

  • Topic: Music Experiences

    • What are your memorable experiences with music? 

    • How did that form your love of music?

    • Tell us about your experience and the importance for your growth


Saturday, June 19, 11:00AM Korea Standard Time – Virtual Recital: Sarah Kim, Mezzo-Soprano

  • Join Sarah Kim, with Pianist – Andreas Ehret, as they perform “Music of Europe”


Thursday, June 24, 9:00 PM Korea Standard Time – Fireside Chat

            Topic: Free talk about music: anything goes!


Saturday, June 26, 11:00AM Korea Standard Time – Live Virtual Lesson with Dr. Goessl

  • The Coordinated Onset: How to Begin Your Phonation With Freedom, Clarity, and Focus


Thursday, July 1, 9:00 PM Korea Standard Time – Fireside Chat

  • Topic: Your Favorite Music

    • What is your favorite music to listen to?

    • Share your favorite songs of any genre

    • Why does this music speak to you?


Saturday, July 3, 11:00 AM Korea Standard Time – Singing Masterclass with Prof. Karen Brunssen

  • Join us as three singers perform for Professor Brunssen, and she gives a masterclass, providing tips on technique, performance, and presentation to our three singers.


Coming in July: 

  1. Lecture, talk, and Masterclass with Angela Meade, Metropolitan Opera Star, and one of the world’s leading classical Soprano singers!

  2. Live Virtual Rock Concert

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